Steps to Release an Indie Game is dedicated to guide indie game developers through the necessary steps of releasing a game. Developing an indie game is half the battle, releasing it successfully is the key to success.

Releasing an Indie Game: Major task list.

The following are the major tasks you will need to complete in order to maximize your chances of success when releasing your game. Follow the links for each task to find more details and resources to complete them.

Build your press kit

Before you start advertising your indie game you should build a press kit. A press kit contains high resolution screen shots, logos, art work, videos, game descriptions and anything else that could be used by others to advertise your game. You should also include links to your website, social media and any other online material which concerns your game. Find out more on how to build your press kit!

Create a social media presence

Social media is free and a great way to promote your game. Advertise your game on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr and any other social media you can think of. On your social media pages, you need to link back to your game's home page. This is a great way to drive traffic to your game's homepage. Read more on social medias

Build your own website

Building a website for your game is extremely important, it is the center of your advertising campaign and the main hub for all your links, descriptions and instructions for people who wish to play your game. Whether you choose to sell your game on your own website or elsewhere, you will need this home page to direct your potential customers to your point of sale and let's play videos. Read more on building your own website.

Advertise your game in progress on an indie game site

There are websites that allow you and even encourage you to advertise your game while it is still in the development stage. Put your game description, screenshots, game play videos and blog about your game development progress. This is also a great place to put your advertisement banners and logos. When using these sites, people are much more likely to find your game and link to your website and social media pages. This help you build a following for your game leading up to your release date. Check out,,, and more. See more on this topic.

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